Fortune – CIA assassin and daughter of revered CIA assassin Dwight Redding (now deceased). With a price on her head by one of the world’s largest arm’s dealers, she’s hiding in Sinful, posing as a librarian/ex-beauty queen. 







Ida Belle – Founding member and leader of the Sinful Ladies Society. Been running Sinful since Vietnam. Expert marksman. Loves fast cars. Takes crap from no one.








Gertie – Founding member of the Sinful Ladies Society. Carries a scary purse full of odd weapons. Cannot be trusted to walk across the street without issue. 








Carter – Sinful’s #1 deputy and former Marine Force Recon. He always seems to be around when Fortune is in a compromising situation. 








Walter – Owner of the General Store and all around good guy. Carter’s uncle. Has had an unrequited love for Ida Belle since the crib. 








Celia – Leader of God’s Wives, the Sinful Ladies rivals. Archenemy to Ida Belle and Gertie. Takes an instant dislike to Fortune and is always seeking a way to make her leave town. 








Ally – Waitress at Francine’s Cafe with aspirations of opening her own bakery one day. Instantly befriends Fortune. 








Francine – Owner of Francine’s Cafe, home to the best banana pudding in Louisiana. Practical, hard-headed, and has zero problem saying exactly what she thinks. 








Bones – Fortune’s inherited dog. He digs up a human bone in her backyard her first day in Sinful. 









Merlin – Lives with Fortune but belongs to no one.