Behind every great man is a woman. Behind every great woman are haters.
The Sinful Ladies Society, making haters since Vietnam.
The Sinful Ladies Society was formed after the Vietnam Conflict by five incredible Sinful women. Two of the original founding members, Ida Belle and Gertie, are still alive and kicking today. Ida Belle has always been and still is in charge of all Sinful Ladies operations. The SLS believes that the close proximity of men clouds logical thinking, and the members are big believers in the strength of women and their capabilities as individuals. Because of this, the society has unique membership requirements. 
Membership requirements: Must be a woman at least forty years of age. You must be an old maid, widowed, or divorced. If widowed or divorced, at least ten years must have passed since your divorce or your husband’s demise. 
Interested in becoming a member? The online requirements aren’t as strict as those in Sinful. Just print out the certificate, type in your name, and display it proudly. 
Click here for your certificate.