Three unhappy residents picketed the city council meeting last week. Patrons of Francine’s Cafe, where the meetings are held, said the picketers held signs protesting the new policy to ticket those using cleaning rags as gas caps. The three residents were invited to speak to the council and a compromise was reached that allowed special dispensation for boat motors as explosions on the water do not present the fire hazard that automobiles do.



The bitter custody fight between former spouses LeRoy and Thelma Thibodeaux will be played out in the New Orleans court system. Until a final judgement is rendered, Buttsniffer, the hound dog at the center of the battle will remain in protective custody with an undisclosed animal protection volunteer. In other news, the fight over the couple’s four children ended with a joint custody decision. Both parents were seeking to give full custody to the other parent.



Earlier this week, Mayor Fontleroy surveyed the tornado damage on the south side of Sinful with representatives from Swamp Bureau Insurance. The insurance adjuster estimates a $200,000 increase to properly value due to the tornado damage. Those waiting for property value increases in order to refinance might want to take advantage now as tornado season is almost over.



Last week, Adele Monroe reported her good pair of eye glasses stolen. They were last seen on her kitchen table with a bottle of Sinful Ladies Society cough syrup and a bowl of gunpowder, neither of which were stolen along with the glasses. We’re happy to report that deputies located the glasses, safe and sound, on Adele’s head. She’d put them there when she went outside to shoot a raccoon that was allegedly trying to steal her lawn mower. No lawn mowers were injured in the shooting.