Walter’s Recommendations

  • Hunting Boots

    Hunting Boot

    Only a fool would go stomping around the swamp wearing tennis shoes. A good hunting boot protects your feet from the snakes, sharp objects and the elements. LaCrosse makes a good product for a decent price.

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  • Ghille Suit

    Ghillie Suit

    If you use a feeding station to hunt deer, don't even bother coming into my store. May as well shoot a house pet if you're going to feed 'em all year. Deer hunters of any merit track their prey, and nothing keeps you hidden better than a Ghillie suit. This suit is not as expensive as some, but has good quality for the price.

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  • Duck Call

    Haydel’s Double Reed Mallard Duck Call

    If you're a self-respecting Louisiana boy, you'll know how to make your own duck sounds with your mouth, hand and armpit. But for those city folk who want to give huntin' a whirl, this duck call is good for beginners and experienced alike.

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  • Fish Lures

    Curly Tail Grub Lures

    Mister Twister made the first curly tail grub over 30 years ago, but it's still one of the best lures on the market. Ideal for freshwater or inshore saltwater. A particular favorite of smallmouth bass and bigmouth braggarts.

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